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Building a New Construction Home: From a Lot to a Home

Our new Tempe custom home build is starting to really come together and we are so excited to continue to share our progress. If you've been following along with our New Tempe Custom Home Build, you've seen us Get Started, Build the Pad, and Get Ready to Frame. Now we are putting up walls and some essential indoor elements.

Framing the Home

The biggest step that turns an empty lot into a recognizable home is starting to add walls and framing. So now we needed to do just that and Frame the Home per the Building Plans.

Adding Utilities

To turn a home frame into a livable home, utilities are essential. We’ve already installed underground plumbing lines but there is more to do. Including, installing plumbing throughout the home per the building plans. We installed electrical wiring throughout the home per the building plans. We also added heating and air conditioning equipment, which is especially important in our hot Arizona summers.

Beyond the Framing

Now that we had a frame put up, we needed to fill it and prep it to become a real house. This included installing the roof material and exterior wall waterproofing. We also began to stock and install drywall to turn the interior framing into recognizable walls.

Improving the Inside

One of the most exciting parts of this project an any home build is adding the interior elements and details. Like the kitchen cabinets and counters, lighting fixtures, and bathroom cabinets, sinks, and countertops. Turning a house into the perfectly designed and styled home of our clients’ dreams is always the goal!

Adding Curb Appeal

Having a home that others can admire when they drive by is always great. That’s our goal when we create our custom homes. We wanted to share some of this home’s finished details before landscaping, like the front exterior, garage, and casita.


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