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Building a New Construction Home: Getting Started

Updated: Feb 5, 2022

Here's a bit of behind the scenes of a new construction home build. Our jobsite is busy up until we get our clients into their dream home. We wanted to share some of the process we go through getting started on our builds!

Man working on underground plumbing of new home

This new build project in Tempe, AZ has no water serving the vacant lot. The lot is in an established residential neighborhood causing us to take extra care avoiding dust while building the pad for the new home. First step to obtain water to the vacant lot is locating the City of Tempe’s water main. In our case the water main is across the street. So, we hired the City of Tempe Water meter installers to bore under the street to set a water meter on the vacant lot. The contractor above has found the 8 inch water line and is preparing a “hot tap” into the main line to avoid turning off the main water line serving the neighborhood.

Water meter is set on the opposite side of the street. The City of Tempe pulled a 1” copper line in the bore hole they drilled under the street. Once the water meter was in place, we dispatched our Plumber to install a garden hose bib on the new water meter for the lot.

The City of Tempe taking extra care to compact the soil and leave the neighbors yard as they found it originally.

new construction lot being watered down

We now have water and can start soaking the dry soil. We will continue to soak the lot 3 to 4 days to avoid creating a dust cloud in the neighborhood. Next step is excavating the lot and build the pad for the home to sit on.


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