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Building a New Construction Home: Getting Ready to Frame

If you've been following along with our New Tempe Custom Home Build, you've seen us Get Started and Build the Pad. Now that we’ve gotten that essential work done, we’re ready to add the underground pipelines and get started with some exterior walls. The home is just starting to look a bit more like a home, instead of just an empty lot.


Get Digging!

It might seem odd that we are starting to dig after laying the pad, but that's what's up next. Before we can build walls we dig exterior wall footings.

Install Rebar

After we’ve dug out our exterior wall footings, we are able to install rebar within these footings. Next up, is starting to turn these wall footings into walls!

Starting to Turn Dug-Wall-Footings into Walls

Now, it’s time to start filling these recently dug exterior wall footings with concrete and more rebar. Check out these next steps with pictures in the list below.

Pour Concrete in the Exterior Footings

Install Stem Boards on top of the Footings along with Rebar

Pour Concrete into the stem boards for the exterior stem walls

Last Steps for Now

Before we start framing the house and getting inside the home, we have a few last steps. We installed underground plumbing pipes and compacted the ground with 4” of ABC. Then we poured 4” of 3,000 PSI Concrete at Finished Floor Height per the building plans.


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